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ATM Wireless

Free* Wireless ATM Modem

Join the Wireless Revolution

Wireless ATM machines were once used only at fairs and carnivals but times have changed — Wireless is now the standard for ATM connectivity for permanent ATM locations as well. ATM deployment companies are switching from landlines to wireless in large numbers to save money.
Connect with OptConnect

Easy Install

OptConnect wireless units are
"plug and play."

   Plug in power cord

  Attach the antenna

  Connect the ATM phone cord to the Wireless Modem.


"OptConnect’s wireless solutions are unquestionably the most cost effective, reliable and secure means of providing ATM connectivity in the marketplace. The new standard of ATM communications is definitely wireless."
-Bryan Bauer, President of Kahuna ATM Solutions

Download Wireless Service Agreement
and then fax to 801-991-9009
Call (800) 498-5795 for more information.
Security OptConnect Gateways
are secure because they use the latest accepted
standards for SSL encryption.
No changes to your existing ATM are required .
*Some conditions may apply. Customer is responsible for shipping and first month's wireless service charge at the time of order.
**Warranty valid as long as customer continues to make montly payment.